Products, Services and Standards


COFASTís core fastener product ranges includes highly specialised and bespoke
fasteners manufactured to customersí highly exacting specifications plus, standard
commercial fasteners and bearings.

The range extends to over 9,000 product lines held in stock in the Plymouth logistics
centre - many are held in stock for specific customers and their scheduled

Fasteners are manufactured from an extensive range of exotic alloys and standard
metals. Many items are safety-critical and used in high-integrity applications that
require precise compliance to standards employed by the defence, petro-chemical,
medical, food processing and nuclear industries.

Additionally COFAST sells products not necessarily related to the fastener industry,
e.g. bearings and transmission products.

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COFAST has a reputation for providing excellent customer service including prompt
delivery, a comprehensive product range and value for money, standards
compliance and competitive prices.

Many customers rely on advice and support from COFAST to specify fasteners to
exacting standards and specifications.

The companyís range of services includes:

Technical advisory service.
     Advice relating to product compliance, design and standards
     Customer part numbering service Ė where COFAST indexes customerís part
     details and records cross compliance of part numbers across customerís
     multiple sites.
     Maintains a database of component specifications, drawings and standards.
     Supports customers with bid and tender responses, including, long-validity
     pricing and forward-costing information

Delivery services. (Non-chargeable to many customers)
     Product delivered to specified dates and locations.
     Forward scheduling and call off.
     KANBAN deliveries made direct to line without additional customer inspection.

Bespoke materials management
     For many customers, COFAST manages the complete supply chain function
     from product selection and approval through to manufacture and delivery.


As a specialist fasteners distributor, COFAST supplies high-specification fasteners
that conform to challenging standards, including,
Fastener Defence Standards:
02-862 Part 1
02-862 Part 2 Issue 3
02-862 Part 3 Issue 3
All British Standards for Fasteners
AISI / SAE (American Iron and Steel Institute / Society of Automotive Engineers)