Total Control with JIT

Using technology to prvide a first class service

Just In Time (JIT) & Direct Line Feed have become synonymous with OEM fastener requirement.
COFAST are foremost in providing an effective response to modern industry's demand for JIT supplies with constant development of PARTLINE, our client orientated stock management software. Principally designed to meet our clients' changing needs, PARTLINE employs concise and integrated inventory control systems which deliver versatile and powerful solutions to accommodate the needs of today's most exacting purchasing objectives.

Cofast recognises that every business is unique. To efficiently deliver the benefits of reduced inventory and immediate availability to our clients, PARTLINE's enhanced range of features include;

These features support custom options, to provide seamless integration with clients' own procedures.

COFAST's unique approach to JIT places greater control at our clients' fingertips whilst workloads are reduced.

"Reduce your work, increase your control"